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Well that was a wild ride! After two weeks of voting and feedback, an amazing Live App Evaluation, it is time to finally choose our first app. We've considered EVERYTHING. Your voting and feedback, website traffic and activity, opinions from our expert panel, competition, market potential, and technical feasibility. It was a heated debate, and we had an extremely tough task of choosing a winner.
However, someone has to do it and we have made the decision!
Dandy's first app and winner of the 60 Day Challenge is....

Picture Scavenger Hunt by Niger Little-Poole @nlittlepoole

We love Picture Scavenger Hunt and think it's the perfect app for the Dandy Community to rally behind. Stay tuned tomorrow morning for a full break-down of each app idea in our top ten, how Dandy landed on Picture Scavenger Hunt and what's going to happen with the other 9 finalists (hint: they aren't going to be just tossed away!)
Team Dandy wants to give a massive thankyou to all finalists, your app ideas are fantastic and the community support behind them has inspired us! Also thank you to our panel members and most of all YOU! Thank you Dandy Community for voting, discussing, submitting your design ideas, and supporting the Dandy process!

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