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Picture This

Picture This. Unique photo challenges like “office whiteboard doodle,” “a dog’s eye view," or “celebrity hand shake” pushed directly to your phone. Submit your own interpretation of each challenge and receive badges for accomplishments like “first submission”, “most votes” and “staff pick”. Challenges will test your creativity, camera skills and ability to hunt down a unique subject or situation.

+ New Challenge Challenges

Submit your best ideas for scavenger hunt challenges!

What made you smile

Simple enough, what image put a smile on your face today. Capture that moment by snapping a pic.

Sounds like – Smells like

Sounds and smell are often associated with images. What images represent sounds and smells for you?

Wait, what?

What made you do a double take today? A dog with a hat, an ad that you misread, a street sign with a double entendre, capture it.


Witnessed an absolutely pure moment of selflessness (good deed etc.) capture it and pay it forward.

That’s Nostalgic!

Born in the 70′s, 80′s 90′s? What brings you back to the good old days?

The Future, Now!

What represents the future for you in this moment.

Citizen Journalist

Post something which needs to be reported and be avoided in your country. Make everone aware !!!

A Touch of History

Take a picture of some lesser-known historical sites

I Think It’s A Sign!

Take a picture of every sign that a person must be holding i.e. promoters, homeless, protesters, etc.

Pour some sugar on me

Take a picture of a delicious/fantastical/beautiful/creative dessert

Music in the Air

Provide a line from a popular song and see who submits the best portrayal of it Badges: Singer/Song Writer; Story Teller; Bard

Gods Among Us

Send in pictures of Roman/Greek mythological references in everyday life. The more you get, the higher you climb in the pantheon (are awarded more badges the pictures you send in).

American Horror Story: My Neighborhood

That place is definitely haunted…

What a deal!

Find an offer or advertisement that is a complete rip-off or overly ridiculous. Badge – Bargain hunter

Out of place

What’s that doing there?

Witty Happy Hour

Send in a picture of a bar sign with the funniest saying

A coin operated adventure

Take a shot of you riding one of those coin operated “kiddie rides” outside of your local grocery store (even though we both know you have no business being on it). Extra points for disgruntled strangers witnessing you in the act!

A Tower of Pennies

Build the tallest stack of pennies (or other coins) that you can without it falling and snap a pic

Reverse Caption

A caption is given in text and it’s the users job to take a picture that best matches it.

Get High

Views from different buildings. Would be great for city challenges like NYC.

Detective Work

Partial information is given about the item that needs to be photographed and the user will have to use their head to recreate the image. Examples: A super close-up shot of a few items on a Starbucks menu. A shot of a few letters on a street sign with the … Continue reading

I think that’s illegal?

Take a picture of a civilian (or better yet a police officer!) committing a petty crime (i.e. texting or talking on phone while driving, J walking, drinking in public etc.)

Holiday Themes

For example, on presidents day the challenge is to find the best Presidential look-alike.

IRL Meme

Recreate an internet Meme in real life

No Tresspassing

Photos of people on the other side of No Trespassing or Authorized Access Only signs.

Battery At 1%

Capture a screenshot of your smartphone’s battery at 1%. Make sure to get it uploaded quick!

1000 people, 1 photo.

Show us a picture with as many people in the frame as you can.

Kitten Mittens

Are your cats making too much noise? Put them in mittens and take a photo of their new stride.

Why am I so sticky?

Secret City

Users have to find landmarks in a certain city, maybe they can only see a blurred photo to give them an idea of what it is, the landmark not the city.

Decypher This

Have clues that users must figure out to find what they must take pictures of.

Celebrity look a like

Pick a celebrity and find a person who looks the closest, Can you fool the facial recognition software?

Deepest Discount

Find items for sale marked down 90 percent or more.

Whats on the Menu?

Take a picture of the menu of certain restaurants or find an unusual food, like shark fin soup.


carspotting – (sponsored?) app requests to take a picture of a unique car brand/model and win points if you find that car (+ bonus points if you locate a specific variable, i.e. colour, trim, etc.). ex. spot a red bmw m3. if you snap a bmw m3, you get points/incentives, … Continue reading


Upload a photo of your dog with a handwritten note outlining their failure as a K9. Example: http://www.dogshaming.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/image131-e1386821928740.jpg

Put it there!

Shake hands with your mayor.

What does it mean?!

Photos of double rainbows!

Sounds Like “Babies”

Take a photo of something that rhymes with the word babies (can substitute other words for future challenges).

White Board Doodle

Draw something interesting on a white board and then capture it.

UI Designs


Design Mockups

Checkout the full design PDF! A very ‘metro’ design. Currently mocked up on the Google Nexus 4 device, but the design is optimized to be easy to use across all platforms. Main features/functions: Upvoting content Hilarious/creative challenges Favourites Points based on likes, shares, etc. translate into bitcoin Community sourced challenges … Continue reading


The Dandy Community has spoken! Here are the features that made the cut:

Branded Hunts

A hunt could be branded. A good way to monetize. For instance, Aldo (shoe company) could use the app to leverage that days hunt. “Find someone wearing a shoe from our holiday collection” And they put up the bounty of a free pair of shoes, or $100 gift card. People … Continue reading

Voting for daily winner

If your going with 1 daily scavenger hunt, It shouldn’t just be on first person to upload, it should also be on the best photo taken too. what if you allow people to vote with a thumbs up and down on the photos which allows users to choose the best … Continue reading

Upvote or like other peoples pics

Community voting on pics would be key. Related: moderation of inappropriate content.

Community sourced picture challenges

Let the community suggest daily challenges. If there challenge is selected by Dandy, they can receive badges or rewards.

View other feature suggestions

World map showing photos

Users should be able to see photo submissions on a map of the world.

size doesn’t matter

the hunt should be for anything from worldwide to your bedroom. Say you’ve hidden stuff in your room that you want someone to find. You might be baby sitting a 4 year old and you want to keep them busy. This would ensure an all encompassing use of the app.

Timed hunt

People can select a timed hunt from a selection of pre-set hunts. The idea would be that you do not have to be the first or best, but that you could choose pre-set hunts that need to be completed within a certain time period (i.e. if you live in the … Continue reading

Custom Hunt

What if the app had a feature that allows people to create their own hunts (i.e. choose 20 things that must be captured to finish the hunt)… they can post it for other people in the region to compete, or they can send it to their friends… When people submit … Continue reading

Social Social Social

I see this very much as a game you’d want to play to compete with your friends and others in the same city. I would suggest a proximity-based approach so I could only see challenges posted by users in the same city to make it really relevant to me. This … Continue reading

Levels of Difficulty

The app could provide daily challenges with different levels of difficulty. Easy, Medium, Difficult, Insane. This will help varying level of users stay engaged on a daily basis from casual to die-hards and help create a broader customer base.

Find the Picture

Maybe some could be a picture that you have to try and recapture by taking a picture from the same spot. This would be good for location based challenges. For example you have to recreate a picture of the golden gate bridge by figuring out where the picture was taken … Continue reading

Mega Challenges

The app should include some extremely challenging hunts that could even be for large sponsor-supported prizes. An example would be to take a picture of the 7 Wonders of the World, which could be sponsored by an airline or travel bookings company. These apps would obviously require large amounts of … Continue reading

Reverse Caption Contests

To keep the app dynamic and engaging, different types of challenges should be used. One example can be a Reverse Caption Contest, in which the app provides a statement, and the user has to take a picture of something that resembles the statement. For example, the caption could be “Looks … Continue reading

Location based hunts

What if you had 2 hunts. 1 for locals by area or time zone such as australia, new zealand sides, asia, europe, america etc.. which you would do by speed and the main 1 that you would do with upvote and downvote would run for 24 hours, something like midnight … Continue reading

Group specific challenges

I would suggest that you could allow challenges to be for a specific group of friends. Facebook list or Google + circle. That way a user could bring in their friends and help grow the user base quicker.

Personal groups

The ability to set up personal groups to have some competition with friends, be it locally or around the world.

Border frames with username

In-app camera frames each pic with a “Picture Scavenger Hunt” border and the username. Great way to ensure each photo is authentic.

Favorite Pictures

Pretty basic: a way to keep a list of your fave pics.

Bitcoin Points

Each upvote that a user gives to another user’s submission, will generate a point for the author of the photo. These points will correspond to a bitcoin amount(.00001 bitcoin which I will call a mini-bitcoin). So even if the user doesn’t win the grand prize at the end of the day, the still have the incentive of earning mini bitcoin for their post. Continue reading

The jokers wild.

The jokers wild, is a wild ass goose chase that randomly pops into a users scavenger hunt. The user will get be sent on a hunt for a thing that doesn’t really exist. They find out when they get to the location and the app pops up with a joker! … Continue reading


The Dandy Community has spoken! Here's the name that made the cut:

Picture This


The Dandy Community has spoken! Here's the tagline that made the cut:

Find. Snap. Win.

Revenue Models

The Dandy Community has spoken! Here's the revenue model that made the cut:

Sponsored Searches

Company’s can pay to have their product featured. (i.e. Take a picture of a Block Three beer). Company can use pictures for marketing purposes.

View other revenue model suggestions

Company Sponsered hunts

The user could choose from a list of pre-set hunts that are sponsored by a company (i.e. Pepsi)… Pepsi would have the “Pepsi Hunt” which would have for example 20 pictures that must be captured in a set period of time… These pictures can be anything that Pepsi wants… ie. … Continue reading

Points for Merchandise

Users should accumulate points for completing pictures hunts, and additional points for being a top-liked picture or other achievements. Based on these points, users can purchase items from the store, such as gift cards from select companies. Key to this revenue model is Dandy finding companies that will provide discounted … Continue reading

Sell the best pictures

The best photos from challenges become available for sale, the user who took the photo get a percentage of any money made.

In App Purchase – Filters

Users could purchase premium filters to user in their photo submissions. A very similar model is used by the app Path (https://path.com)

In App Purchase – Photo Packs

Each daily challenge could allow users to upload one single photo. Users wishing to upload multiple photos can do so by purchasing photo packs through in-app purchase.

Custom borders and merchandise

Border frame with username that gets set up only once when you register and sign in first time. It gives each user their very own signature. If anyone ever wants to change it, there should be a charge taken from the bounty but if someone doesn’t have any bounty, they … Continue reading

Premium Account Based Model

With Picture Scavenger Hunt, an eco system will exist of users searching for different items and taking photos of them with their phones. The service will be free to use to encourage user base growth. However, for corporations who want to use the service, there will exist a premium tier … Continue reading


What do you love or hate about this app idea? Have you come across similar apps? What would make this even more awesome?

  1. Avatar of PATRICK VISSER
    April 2, 2013


    Bit concerned people simply stage the photos. I like the snap and instant upload function so you can’t use existing photos (though you could snap a photo on a screen).
    Concept could be twisted and pose photo challenges, where it’s more about the interpretation then the finding (e.g. rainbow and the dandy logo would qualify).

    • Avatar of Niger Little-Poole
      April 2, 2013

      Niger Little-Poole

      I like your idea of interpretation. A lot of them could ironic or literal interpretations of sayings too. Plus I don’t think its necessarily bad if they are staged. I was thinking the bounties could be ridiculous enough to still make them entertaining to view even if they were staged.

      The taking a picture of a screen thing is a concern, but i think its pretty hard to do that in a way that is pretty obvious that isn’t obvious

    • Avatar of Matt Scobel
      November 13, 2013

      Matt Scobel

      I agree with this. Requiring the user to upload a picture directly through the app would cut down on “staging”. We could also pull out the metadata from the picture to ensure it was taken on the same day as the challenge.

  2. Avatar of kevin baum
    April 3, 2013

    kevin baum

    Like this idea a lot…
    Would be pretty easy to build or copy so uptake would be important.
    How it get users and how it expands is essential.
    I would suggest that you could allow challenges to be for a specific group of friends. Facebook list or Google + circle. That way a user could bring in their friends and help grow the user base quicker.

    We are developers and would be interested in supporting this app. Sounds like fun!

    • Avatar of Niger Little-Poole
      April 3, 2013

      Niger Little-Poole

      that sounds like a fantastic idea. Thank you for the input that is definitely something that I think should be included in the app.

      Uptake would be important which is why I think the paid bounties could draw in a lot of early adopters. Everybody loves free money

  3. +3
    April 3, 2013

    Mohammed Jalil

    I like this app. whens it coming out?

    Maybe you could use the snap camera feature with a border frame around the photo taken in the app. So unless you took a picture with the camera in the app you wouldn’t likely have a border frame plus the username of the person taking the phone in the corner of the frame.

    You could even add personal group to have some competition with friends, be it locally or around the world.

    I reckon it shouldn’t just be 1 scavenger hunt photo. it should be between 3-5. So until you got all 3-5 done on your scavenger hunt list it wouldn’t be complete and you can’t win. This allows for more fairness due to you having people from around the world who will use it.

    • Avatar of Niger Little-Poole
      April 3, 2013

      Niger Little-Poole

      Border frame with username is definitely something I’d push to be added. I’d take it a step further and allow users to customize their frames and their username style. That way every player is unique in a way.

      I would let people post their own hunts but I still think a daily hunt works better in the short run. The reason being is that many people won’t keep up enough to try to get 5 things instead of 1. With a new one every day, that allows everyone a fair chance at something they could feasibly find.

      Thanks for the feedback!

      • +3
        April 3, 2013

        Mohammed Jalil

        Border frame with username that gets set up only once when you register and sign in first time. It gives each user their very own signature. If anyone ever wants to change it, there should be a charge taken from the bounty but if someone doesn’t have any bounty, they can buy coins.

        In the long run you could create a “No.1 Huntsman” Mug, T-shirts etc.. which people can get from coins they recieve in bountys or coins they buy within the app. You could even incorporate the best scavenger hunt photo takens (see paragraph below for how people can vote) onto t-shirts and sell within the shop within the app. I’m just thinking about how to make money apart from just advertisements within the app. Though as you can see, i’m sure this would incorporate very nicely.

        If your going with 1 daily scavenger hunt, It shouldn’t just be on first person to upload, it should also be on the best photo taken too. what if you allow people to vote with a thumbs up and down on the photos which allows users to choose the best 1 for the day??? this allows more fairness than just being 1st though you could points for being the 1st person to upload 1 on that hunt. This will allow people from australia to leave a photo while people in the uk are sleeping and vice versa when their sleeping in australia people in the uk will be up.

        • Avatar of Niger Little-Poole
          April 3, 2013

          Niger Little-Poole

          I like your merchandising ideas. Obviously these would have to come later after the initial app has been made and traction is gaining. But this is the direction I’d like to see it go if its successful.

          In the description I had put that there are two daily winners. One for being first and one for being most popular. The thumbs up and thumbs down thing was already in there too. However its nice to know we are thinking on the same wavelength :) I didn’t factor in timezone though. Do you have any ideas how to get around that? Possibly a different hunt depending on timezone?

          • +1
            April 3, 2013

            Mohammed Jalil

            My bad, I read it yesterday and just remembered the main bits. lol

            okay, So while reading through this just now, I just thought of how you would do it.

            What if you had 2 hunts. 1 for locals by area or time zone such as australia, new zealand sides, asia, europe, america etc.. which you would do by speed and the main 1 that you would do with upvote and downvote would run for 24 hours, something like midnight GMT time. which would be roughly 8pm new york time, 4pm canada, Which is roughly mid-day Australia time etc.. So they all have 24 hours to do the hunt and upload the best pic which would then be given 24 hours to be voted upon as we dont wanna single out the people who only come on at night time everyday not through out the day like us. so your be 1 day behind on the hunt but i’m sure that would be okay.

          • 0
            November 18, 2013

            Matt Neill

            Interested in the time zone issue. What about making a completely different challenge per time zone or per country? This would also open it up to a wider variety of challenges…
            Example: “make a snowman” will be able to happen in Canada, but (probably) not in Brazil. By making it country-specific, you can even begin to target national events/holidays, pop culture trends, etc.

    • 0
      November 18, 2013

      Matt Neill

      I imagine this almost like a watermark, but restricted to one section of each image. I believe 9GAG does something similar, to ensure content creators get recognized. Is this what you have in mind?

      The only issue I can see with allowing users to customize their mark is that it might hinder the app’s potential branding opportunities. If you look at other sites that use images for content, (9GAG, WhiteWhine, etc.), they put the app’s logo in the corner of every photo. A variety of differently designed usernames might take away from the brand identity.

      Just a thought!

      • Avatar of Niger Little-Poole
        November 18, 2013

        Niger Little-Poole

        I’m thinking two small watermarks may be a fair compromise. One for Dandy which is standard across everyone’s photos and one for the user. The user’s watermark is essentially their signature on each of their photos. The user can spend their bitcoin to buy new styles for their watermark and maybe even different styles of the Dandy watermark. The Dandy watermark my have only a few choices as to eliminate brand confusion. But I think the its important that users have someway to sign their photos and make it known that is their own.

  4. Avatar of Adam Smit
    April 3, 2013

    Adam Smit

    Could this be a sort of geocaching app? or could it have some sort of geocaching features?

  5. Avatar of Matt Scobel
    November 13, 2013

    Matt Scobel

    I really love how creative this challenges could get. We could even crowd-source the challenges from the actual users. Feels very Dandy. ;)

  6. 0
    November 15, 2013

    Marisol Velazquez

    Niger, this is a great idea and will be so much fun once you get it going! I’ve voted for you and shared the link- GOOD LUCK!!

  7. +2
    November 18, 2013

    Matt Neill

    Hello all,
    I’m the user interface/user experience designer who will be working on this app for the Dandy 60 Day Challenge!

    If you have any questions/concerns, think any key features, or want to suggest more features, please feel free to add me as a friend or message me.

    Looking forward to getting started!

  8. +1
    November 18, 2013

    Matt Neill

    Hey @nlittlepoole,
    I am very interested in your bitcoin implementation idea. Perhaps you can elaborate a bit more on what you have in mind? I’m still fairly foreign to the concept of bitcoin. My main question is: do you have any idea how the user might ‘cash out’ the bitcoin, especially if they aren’t widely accepted (yet)?

    • Avatar of Niger Little-Poole
      November 18, 2013

      Niger Little-Poole

      Right now bitcoin users who want to cash out would need their own bitcoin wallet which any person can make by programming one themselves or using one of many widely available services. I recommend you watch this video for more info on bitcoin http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Um63OQz3bjo Its very informative and give s a good overview of what bitcoin is and how it works. For users not savy enough or who don’t care to cash out, I came up with the idea of an internal bitcoin store where users can use bitcoin to purchase items directly. So even though the transactions are in bitcoin, the end user won’t really realize it.

  9. +2
    November 18, 2013

    Matt Neill

    User persona #1: The Audience Member

    John, age 20.
    Occupation: journalism student at Wilfred Laurier University Brantford Campus

    A typical day for John: When John is not studying or writing, he is on the internet. His interests vary from viral YouTube videos to posts on Reddit. A lot of the time, John will follow posts his friends make on Facebook. He uses his smartphone constantly; both while in class and on his down-time. He has loaded his phone with the apps to all of his favourite sites to ensure an easy and seamless viewing experience. He hates making new accounts because his email inbox seems to be overflowing with spam. He likes creative posts, remixes, and people who think ‘outside the box.’ He also owns fan merchandise from some of his sites, including a ‘Chive’ t-shirt, Reddit stickers, and apparel from some of his favourite YouTubers.

    Favourite sites/apps: 9Gag, Vine, Reddit, The Chive, YouTube.

    Customer needs: “I don’t want to make a new account for every service.”
    “I like posting hilarious or creative things on Facebook.”

  10. +2
    November 18, 2013

    Matt Neill

    User persona #2: The Gamer
    Michelle, age 24.
    Occupation: Boutique store clerk at Conestoga Mall, Waterloo, ON
    A typical day for Michelle: Michelle’s day usually consists of her working at the mall from 10-5, followed by taking the bus home. She really dislikes the 45 minute commute to her house, and is always looking for ways to keep herself entertained so she doesn’t ‘crash’. Her solution: gaming. Michelle wouldn’t call herself a ‘gamer’, but loves playing games on her iPhone. However, she doesn’t usually stay with a game too long because she feels it quickly ‘gets old’ and loses its lustre. She enjoys playing with her friends, as they all try to beat each other’s high scores… Michelle also shares her scores to Facebook to try and get more friends to play with her. She is somewhat of an Instagram ‘addict’, and feels proud of her photography skills through the app. She likes the variety of filters, as she things they add different dynamics to a photo and keeps things interesting.

    Favourite sites/apps: Instagram, Facebook, Draw Something, SnapChat, Bitstrips, Farmville

    Customer needs: “I want something that I won’t get bored of in the first month.”
    “I need something I can share with other people.”
    “I like filters! They allow me to express my creativity… as long as they aren’t overwhelming.”

  11. Avatar of Derek Lebert
    November 21, 2013

    Derek Lebert

    On the call yesterday – there was some talk that users wouldn’t feel engaged if the picture of the day was too difficult or impossible to get. Perhaps you could have a few daily photos with levels of difficulty (easy, medium, hard, Insane)

    Easy: Take a picture of a blue van
    Medium: Take a picture of a blue van getting gas
    Hard: Take a picture of a blue van parked illegally
    Insane: Take a picture of a blue van with a clown driving in the rain

  12. Avatar of Jason
    December 13, 2013


    Since this app is going forward one question would be how to make Picture This different from other scavenger hunt apps.
    http://scavengerhuntwithfriends.com/ is very similar to the idea for picture this.

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.munzee.android.client&hl=en This a little different as players print out QR codes and attach them to things for the other players to find.

    http://www.klikaklu.com/ With this app you can share the hunt by printing a poster with QR code for other users to scan, then the player can play off line and then upload data before and after hunt. Which would work well for kids with iPod touch.

    http://www.instanthunt.com/ This a app design which hasn’t come to reality yet, but may also end up in the app store.

    This app is more of a location based hunt, but this was the one my kids wanted to download and try.

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Author Spotlight

I'm Niger Little-Poole, student at Columbia University(Engineering), in New York. I thought of the app Picture Scavenger Hunt when I made a scavenger hunt for my friend last year for his birthday. He had a lot of fun and I realized it would be cool to have a way to this with more people in a more organized way. The scavenger hunt I made for my friend had prizes that we would give him based on the amount of photos he could find on the list. I am an avid android user and love to tinker around with Galaxy S3. I use mostly social media, photo, and news apps on my phone.

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